Sunday, October 25, 2009

Neurotris And Teir SX-Series Microcurrent Machines!

Neurotris provides the SX Series Microcurrent Machines that are the absolute most advanced anti-aging equipment on the market today providing instant results! The SX Series is most effective for natural non evasive facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, body shaping and toning, muscle building and more. Our microcurrent machines utilize ultra high definition specific frequencies, signatures, and signals maximizing the untapped energy of micro, nano and pico technologies.

The SX-50 8 channel Body Microcurrent Machine communicates to the muscle via the neuromuscular pathways. The SX-50 microcurrent machine is used for tightening and toning the muscles that result in inch loss, reducing cellulite and lifting sagging problem areas. More...

The SX-101 Ultimate Body Microcurrent Machine is a 16 channel microcurrent device that communicates to the muscle via the neuromuscular pathways. The SX-101 utilities advanced features like LCD channel displays for the most accurate settings and up to 32 pad placements for multiple muscle group connections per session. The SX-101 is used for tightening and toning muscles that results in inch loss, reduces cellulite and lifts sagging problem areas. More...

The SX-4000 Pro Ultimate Total Body Microcurrent Machine is a duel function machine that includes the 16 channel body system and our face rejuvenation system into one unit.

The body system within the SX-4000 Pro incorporates 16 independent channels that communicates with each muscle striation via the neuromuscular pathways using advanced microcurrent technology. Advanced features like LCD channel displays for the most accurate settings and up to 32 pad placements for multiple muscle group connections per session to achieve tightening and toning of the muscles that results in inch loss, reduces cellulite and lifts sagging problem areas.

The face rejuvenation system within the SX-4000 pro utilizes our patented Specific Frequency Signatures, Telomolecular Nano Technology and Constant Wave Morphology in the Micro, Nano, and Pico range to elicit advanced facial cellular communication to achieve skin tightening and toning, skin refinement, wrinkle reduction and non-surgical face lifting. We guarantee that our SX series machines will outperform any other machine both in performance and quality. We are truly setting the standard in microcurrent technology. More...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The latest MicroCurrent Machine that claims they are in the PICO ampere range!

     You see this is the frill that is on their website. It really isn’t bad. But if you get past the frill and actually look at their product, what are you truly getting???
1.       It looks like its your typical gamming computer…where do the probes go?
  1.        Where are the specs?
  2.        How do you operate the machine?
  3.        Looks like its touch screen… OK cool, I guess that’s a cool aspect…
  4.        But most importantly, if you get as far and wanting to purchase this machine… you will notice that you must be a previous owner of the arasys PERFECTOR. And not only that you must ship your Perfector out to Arasys Perfector, and then if they decide that your machine is in top condition, they will ship you out the iPico. You never see your perfector again…’

”This Package is strictly an upgrade for existing customers who already own the Nano Perfector.   In order to be eligible to purchase the iPico upgrade you must send in your Nano Perfector in good working condition.  The iPico will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available after your Nano Perfector is received and tested.” –Arasys Perfector

     So what does this tell you? They are obviously taking previously used parts from your Perfector Unit and throwing is this computer looking of a box that, wow has some cool looking l.e.d.s (light emitting diodes) lighting up the clear box. Are you really getting your money’s worth, or are you buying their typical frill? 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arasys Perfector And Their New Contraption

The Simply Aesthetic Sandbox: Last Few Weeks of Nano Perfector

I am interested to see how this machine is going to perform. From what i hear the "nano" upgrade performed far worse than the original. The signal turned into nothing when resistance, or the probes making contact with the skin, was present. If they are really going into the pico range with their current, i hope they found a solution to their original problem of maintaining the signal in the nano current range...

MicroCurrent Machine Arasys Perfector Or The SX-4000 Pro?

The purpose of this video is to educate the end user on how each micro current machine ( perfector by arasys perfector and sx-4000pro by a-1 engineering usa) is actually working as you do your every-day micro current treatments. The micro current passing through the two different machine's probes (standard 2 probe on the perfector and the new pico probe on the sx-4000pro) excites the argon gas within the plasma globe, showing the path the micro, nano, or pico current is taking as a purple pink beam. This truly is an awesome demonstration of how each machine outputs their micro current to the area being treated!

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MicroCurrent Machine Results Instant Face-Lift!

After being in the market for some time, A-1 Engineering USA has made some advancements with their already exquisite line of microcurrent machines, the "SX-Series". For the SX-4000 Pro, and soon to come, SX-3000 Face Rejuvenation systems they introduced their new "PICO PROBES" at this A4M show in Las Vegas. The show turned out to be a success as these PICO PROBES produced remarkable results!

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The SX-4000 Pro MicroCurrent Machine For The Body And Face

This was A-1 Engineering USA's first appearance in the market demonstrating the SX-4000 Pro (the ultimate body system) at the IECSC Show in Vegas. Making the front cover of Vogue's September edition fashion magazine, helped out as the company got their feet wet demonstrating this advanced micro current machine. The show turned out to be a success.

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